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Hi from Jaycee!

A little life update, I recently turned 17 and while being a dancing queen is just as fun as it sounds, there holds a lot of responsibility to pursue the dreams that I have. I began my Junior year of high school and Freshman year of college at Eastern Washington University last September within the Running Start program. While doing so I have also held a job and have continued to support my love for soccer. Having my schedule always filled with minimal time for a social life can be exhausting, but with that I see my dream. My goals for the future can only be achieved by the work put in. As a young woman I strive to be the greatest in everything I do, but with a society like the one we live in it can be hard, especially for young girls. It is important to take time for personal self care not only physically but mentally as well. It is crucial for young girls and women to see the value in themselves and what they do. The message behind Face It Today in that empowering all girls to do whatever they desire with the confidence to do so is key and truly inspiring.


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