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Did You Vote?

Susan B. Anthony died 14 years before women gained the right to vote under the 19th amendment. She was a huge advocate for women and fought long and hard to ensure that future generations of women would have those rights.

On November 6th of this year, her grave was covered in “I Voted” stickers.

Women have suffered through trying to earn their place in society and I can say that I am crazy excited about the fact that there is a record number of women elected into Congress this year after the midterm election. And this is only the beginning! We, as women and as citizens of the United States, have a responsibility to vote, lead, and voice our opinions in order to push forward and set an example for future generations. I will always respect voting as my civic duty and no matter what, I will always make voting a priority – and you should too! Not only is it important for women to exercise our right to vote, but youth votes are just as important in this case because the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. When I was little, I thought politics was just for adults. Something I wouldn’t have to worry about until I was at least 40… maybe 45. I was a senior in high school when I became really involved and excited about politics and government, but I think that passion could have started a lot earlier if I had been taught the importance of politics. The sooner young people get involved, the better! Young voters make up about half of the voting population but are less likely to show up and vote. OUR VOTES MATTER! The government impacts almost every aspect of American life, so vote like you mean it! There have been a lot of setbacks in our government lately that have been disheartening, especially in areas where progress has already been made and now is being reversed. However, what we cannot do is get discouraged. We need to vote, advocate, and fight for what we know to be right. Here are just some of the ways to get involved: · Get educated on the state of women’s rights in our nation and share with friends and family. Stay updated and stay connected! · Participate in local government, whether that is running for office or supporting those who are. · Volunteer your time and talents to organizations that promote equality. · Donate! · March in the Women’s March 2019 (Time to March) · Click here and enter your zip code to find a Sister March near you. The Future is Female, but only if we make it! Written by, College Student and FIT Contributor, Annalise Hanigan


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