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Our Contributors & Experts

FIT Contributors


Mackenzie Lloyd

Mackenzie is a junior at the University of Idaho studying secondary education with her endorsement in English and a minor in English as a new language! She is an avid John Mayer fan and loves his song, ‘Why Georgia’.


Annalise Hanigan

Anna is a sophomore at the University of Idaho. She is studying advertising with a minor in graphic design! She also loves the book, Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. 


Kaylee Nye

Kaylee is a sophomore at the University of Idaho and is studying English with a minor in creative writing. She is also minoring in Spanish and can’t wait to put it to use when she studies abroad in Costa Rica. 

FIT Experts


Rachel Daggett 

Face It Today Expert Rachel, is a Licensed Therapist with a private practice in Hermosa Beach, where she sees teens and adults of all ages struggling with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and difficult life adjustments. One of her favorite things is working with young girls to help them navigate the many highs, lows, and changes that occur during adolescence and young adulthood. Rachel is on the board of the South Bay Eating Disorder Coalition, helping to bring awareness and resources to individuals struggling with issues around self image, as well as the Healthcare Advisory Board of the Jimmy Miller Foundation, an ocean therapy program assisting individuals coping with mental and physical trauma.  

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