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Meet your FIT Brand Leaders!


"I love what Face It Today stands for. Growing up I struggled with bad acne and poor self-esteem and my mum was there to help me and guide me through it. Whereas I believe that a lot of girls don't have this support, and I want to be a resource that they can reach out to.


Both in and out of school, I have found that I've always been interested in leadership, ranging from organized school clubs to being a tennis coach for little kids. One of my favorite experiences in high school was being involved in a mentorship program to help guide middle school students as they make the transition into high school." - Valery

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Meet Face It Today Brand Leader, Valery. She is studying business at Gonzaga University and one of her favorite hobbies is skiing which she is hoping to do more of now that she lives in the Pacific Northwest. Valery also loves music and currently her favorite band is

The Neighborhood. 



Jaycee will be part of the running start program enabling her to complete her freshman and sophomore year of college while she is in high school. 

She is excited to be a Brand Leader because it will help her build business skills while sharing an important message about confidence and self care. 

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Meet Face It Today Brand Leader, Jaycee Hart.  Jaycee is 16 years old and a sophomore in 

high school. She plays soccer and is very active in Future Business Leaders of America and National Honor Society.  In her spare time she enjoys off roading, fishing, doing crafts and hanging with her girls! 



"I’m super excited about being a brand leader because the message behind this company is amazing! Being yourself and loving yourself is so important. I like to dress for whatever feels right to me, instead of necessarily what’s expected. When people love themselves they can love others and promote that love throughout the world. I believe that you can can express yourself how you choose and it's okay even if others question it. It's so much more fun to be who YOU are, and not try to be somebody else." - Devon



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Meet Face It Today, Brand Leader Devon. Devon is a senior in high school and is looking forward to going to college and studying Psychology.  She loves exploring all that Los Angeles has to offer with friends, shopping at Discount Universe, Dolls Kill and listening to her favorite music that ranges from Nirvana to Travis Scott. 



“I am excited to be a brand leader because I really believe in empowering young girls. I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by strong women who are still some of my biggest role models today. I want every girl to feel like she has a role model and someone that builds her up in times of need. I think Face It Today can be that role model & place of empowerment, education, and entrepreneurship for so many young girls and women.” - Mackenzie 



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Meet Mackenzie! Mackenzie a student at the 

University of Idaho. She is studying Education and hopes to one day teach at the high school she attended. Mackenzie loves calligraphy, art, design and photography. Her favorite city so far is Washington, D.C. and she love the outdoors & exploring new places!